Musical Thoughts

Music has immense power that can transform emotions, unite humanity and is found in every culture around the world. Music allows us to tap into alternate states of consciousness and to express emotions through the sense of hearing. Music penetrates into our hearts and it can break down barriers internally and externally. Music is the … More Musical Thoughts


Open up your wings dear child and soar, your life is waiting to begin. Let the fears of falling never stop you and take the leap Your birthright is divine in itself. You are the manifestation of light in form. Fly, dear one. You were born to fly. By: Thalita angelika Forray


Om is the sound of God. It is absolute consciousness and is beyond duality. Om is the root of all language, the beginning of all. Om is the first word: ‘there was the word and the word was God’ ( as stated in the Bible). Om is the gunas vibrating in unity, Om is the … More OM


This is a list of crystals I have found to be super useful and powerful. Try wearing Or meditating with them and let me know what they did for you:) 1) modavite: protection, increase in spiritual experiences and phenomenon, opening of heart chakra, intense dreams 2) rose quartz: opening of heart chakra, gratitude and generosity … More Crystals