Energies of Hindu Gods and Goddesses



– God of yogis
– self controller
– celibate while at the same time lover of his spouse shakti.
– Destroyer of the world. Helps to shed old habits and attachments.

– monkey god
– stands for courage, power, faithful and very devoted and loyal

– preserver and protector of creation
– embodies mercy, goodness, self existent and all pervading power
– maintains cosmic order (dharma)
– has 10 incarnations

– 7th incarnation of Vishnu
– ideals of man, how to be an ideal citizen
– Sita is his wife

– 8th incarnation of Vishnu
– love and divine joy
– destroys all pain and sin
– born to establish the religion of love

– creator
– daily alteration of light and dark


– goddess of transformation and time that is death
– is the kundalini energy that paralyses the attachments produced by the solar and lunar currents. This attachment causes fear of death

– knowledge, music, creative arts
– mother of the vedas

– divine force, manifesting o destroy demonic forces and restore balance.
-every god has shakti energy, without it they would have no power

– incarnation of the mother goddess
– unified symbol of all divine forces

– goddess of light, beauty, good fortune and wealth
– love and grace

There are many more gods and goddess I haven’t covered ( about 33 million) but these are some of the most popular. You can invoke the energies of these deities to help you with various obstacles in your life.

– remover of obstacles
– shakti and shiva united



What Element is Present in You?


Our body is a karmic vehicle that operates on different gears. These gears are the elements and when there is an imbalance we too are off balance. It may result in stress, dysfunctional relationships, illness etc. Knowing which elements are dominate in your personality and in others can help you with interactions and knowing how to deal with certain people and situations. It can make you a better teacher knowing which students have too much fire, water etc and how to approach them.

1) Earth:
Earth people are structured, organized, slow and everything has to be in its perfect place. They show love by doing things for their partners. Earth in music form is a steady beat, like a drum. A good meditation to increase Earth in your disposition is to organize your surroundings and to visualize roots growing from your feet into the earth.

2) Water:
People with lots of water are creative, sexual, affectionate, love to bound and are easily attached. They have no boundaries and talk for long periods of time. They are always moving and flowing. Water music is the blues and slow dances. In love they are very affectionate and always want to bond.

3) Fire:
Fire is direct, they are impatient, have type a personalities, tend to burn out and are very external. Fire music is Beethoven, born to be wild, rock and roll. In love they are direct.

4) Air:
Air people are easily distractible, cant focus, scattered, multi-tasking and think a lot. They are very up in their head. Air love people think about love, they research love and how to be in a relationship.

Musical Thoughts


Music has immense power that can transform emotions, unite humanity and is found in every culture around the world. Music allows us to tap into alternate states of consciousness and to express emotions through the sense of hearing. Music penetrates into our hearts and it can break down barriers internally and externally. Music is the collection of particles in an organized form. All is music from the beat of the heart, to the waves of the sea and the steps of feet upon blades of grass. The source of all music is Om and it has the power to heal the body and the mind. Yoga of music is one of the easiest way to follow the path of Bhakti (love and devotion). The ego blocks wisdom and knowledge but it can be accessed when music clears the way. True knowledge comes through intuition which comes through devotion. By letting music takes us away, it clears our hearts and allows us to surrender and let go of our restrictions. It energetically opens us.

Music cleanses the mind and the energy channels (nadis) and so it allows us to have more harmonious thoughts ( if we listen to high vibrational music). Our thoughts are important because they create the mental world around us. What we think we become. What we focus on, we create. What our thoughts tell us is how we see the world. If we are happy we will see situations as more positive etc. Heaven and hell is here and now and we create it by the the thoughts we think. By thinking those thoughts it leads to actions which lead to habits. To change our habits we have to come to the root which is to change our thoughts. We cannot run from thoughts because we will have to face them in the dream world and after death. Thinking negative thoughts hurts our body (causes disease), hurts others and harms all humanity (creates a negative atmosphere). Whereas, thinking positive improves our body, helps others and improves the global atmosphere. Change your thoughts and it will change your karma and your character.

Listen to positive, inspirational music to uplift you. Eat healthy whole foods and avoid low vibrational foods that are full of preservatives and also meats like pork and beef. ( if suitable for you try vegetarianism because it is non-violent and will allow you to rise to a higher vibrational level). When you have a negative thought flip it and think the positive opposite. Write a list of all the bad habits/thinking tendencies you have and try to work on one each week/month.

Be patient and kind to yourself.




Open up your wings dear child and soar, your life is waiting to begin.
Let the fears of falling never stop you
and take the leap
Your birthright is divine in itself.
You are the manifestation of light in form.
Fly, dear one.
You were born to fly.

By: Thalita angelika Forray



Om is the sound of God. It is absolute consciousness and is beyond duality. Om is the root of all language, the beginning of all. Om is the first word: ‘there was the word and the word was God’ ( as stated in the Bible). Om is the gunas vibrating in unity, Om is the vibrational level we live in. Om represents the deep sleep state, the dream state and the waking state. We transend the dream and waking state to arrive to deep sleep state where eternal bliss resides. In deep sleep there is no duality, there is no consciousness and so there is no reference. It is pure bliss. When we come to a form of deep sleep with consciousness and that is samadhi and it can be achieved with chanting Om.

It is important to chant with meaning and feeling. Having devotion with philosophy will transform you. By chanting Om you remove all distractions and all of your bodies are affected (physical, mental, emotional, astral etc). Visualize the symbol of OM between your eyebrows (at the ajna chakra) and repeat OM mentally or out loud. Feel you are light, absolute consciousness and unchanging. Chant Om every hour and every day, let your mind be absorbed in it. OMMMMM

A: creation- Brahma
U: interaction – Vishnu
M: Matter- Shiva