Om is the sound of God. It is absolute consciousness and is beyond duality. Om is the root of all language, the beginning of all. Om is the first word: ‘there was the word and the word was God’ ( as stated in the Bible). Om is the gunas vibrating in unity, Om is the vibrational level we live in. Om represents the deep sleep state, the dream state and the waking state. We transend the dream and waking state to arrive to deep sleep state where eternal bliss resides. In deep sleep there is no duality, there is no consciousness and so there is no reference. It is pure bliss. When we come to a form of deep sleep with consciousness and that is samadhi and it can be achieved with chanting Om.

It is important to chant with meaning and feeling. Having devotion with philosophy will transform you. By chanting Om you remove all distractions and all of your bodies are affected (physical, mental, emotional, astral etc). Visualize the symbol of OM between your eyebrows (at the ajna chakra) and repeat OM mentally or out loud. Feel you are light, absolute consciousness and unchanging. Chant Om every hour and every day, let your mind be absorbed in it. OMMMMM

A: creation- Brahma
U: interaction – Vishnu
M: Matter- Shiva



Author: Thalita Angelika

Thalita is an artist that creates beauty through her connection with nature. Her knowledge comes from studying Ayurveda in India, Herbology in the wild mountains of the West Coast and Shamanism in Peru and Canada. She has also attended many meditation retreats around the world. Thalita loves to write and it is one of her passions. She shares knowledge on her website as well as writing for other various sources. She is the author or 'Rise in Love: From Separation to Connection', that is available on Amazon. Thalita is a Wholistic Health Consultant (Ayurvedic Practioner + Herbalist) that addresses both the body, mind and spirit. She provides clients with a balanced approach that addresses the body as ONE harmonious unit. She loves the outdoors and letting her curiosity lead her to mystical and amazing places both within and out. Wild harvesting is an adventurous pleasure and she enjoys creating healthy plant-based foods and that are nourishing to the body and soul.

2 thoughts on “OM”

    1. I found the photo online. I am sorry I do not know what book it came from or if it was from a book at all. However, there are some good books by swami Sivananda that talk about Om. Such as bliss divine and other books he has written spiritual essays in. Sorry I could not be of more help. I wish you the best of luck with your project. Om tat sat


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