Yoga sutras

Pajantali sutras: What is a sutra? The yoga sutra is a type of writing which hold technical information in the shortest amount of words possible, because they have to be memorized. They are harder to comprehend in this way because of the lack of words. Therefore, there is always a commentary to further explain the … More Yoga sutras

Huichol Natives: Shamanism and Meditation Techniques

The Huichol Natives live in Mexico and are still honoring their traditions which were never infiltrated by the Spanish conquistadors. The are the only group of Natives that are still practicing their PRE-COLOMBIAN TRADITIONS.They are still using plant medicine and ancient techniques of healing. They call themselves ” The healing people” and for good reason. … More Huichol Natives: Shamanism and Meditation Techniques

Cleansing Prayer

In the name of the God I AM, I clear, cleanse, balance, attune Harmonize and align myself within The Universal White Christ Light, The Green Healing Light, The Purple Transmuting Flame And The Golden Light of Grace. Within the Will of God And for my highest good I ask that all disharmonic And dross energies … More Cleansing Prayer