Tibetan Ayurveda: The Medicine of the Buddha


Consciousness and your constitution

Desire dissolves the ego. Desire is a product of the ego, it drives it. The ego is always desiring and so by turning it’s attention to god and through desire it is destroyed. To return to wholeness is true health. Without being in your true nature there is already a wound and you feel separate. We Indulge in things of the senses to feel wholeness again. Yoga is the spiritual side and teaches us to feel oneness and Ayurveda is the healing side.

Characteristics of the Doshas in people

– bubbly, creative, chatty, light hearted, talk fast.
Out of balance- anxious, nervous, impulsive, lack follow through. Good at being innovators, idea generators

Pitta- focused, directed, logical, speak clearly. Out of balance. Angry, critical, judgemental, prone to burnout. Good for leaders

Kapha– contemplative, calm, relaxed, move and talk slow. Out of balance stubborn and melancholy. Good for being supporters

State of consciousness will determine if you live your life in or out of balance.

Sattva is clarity, purity, selfless persuits
Rajas is action, distraction, selfish pursuits
Tamas is ignorance, inertia, harmful pursuits

Vatta, pitta, kapha, Rajas and tamas all cause diease only sattva doesn’t

Tibetan Ayurveda

bhaisajyguru (sanskrit) and sangye menla ( tibetan)

Invoke the medicine Buddha so that we awaken that which can heal us within: Tay yah tah Om bah Kahn beh Kahn dzen maha beh Kahn dzen rah dzah Sah mood gah Tay so hah
Power of the mantra is in the sound that the Sanskrit works through your mind. Accessing something within the self with the mantra.

Om mani pad me hum

Why do we suffer? The origins of all suffering and disease is ignorance, attachment and aggression.
There are spiritual poisons, they are veiled expression of our true potential. We can understand our potentials by purifying. When we understand our body we become a rainbow body and have unlimited mind with joy and spontaneity. We are able to do things that deftly normal laws of reality.

There are absolute dharma which is contemplations, prayers, visualizations, mantras and relative activities that support the spiritual practices.
Relative dharmas are astrology, geomancy, arts, linguistics, medicine.

Medicine is understanding we are not separate from nature. Understanding the five elements and how they help support us in the environment.
The awakening of the medicine Buddha was magnetizing and all the enlightened beings from other realms came as they were called, like brahma etc.
ayurveda got transmitted from the Buddhas family the shakya muni Buddha tribe and from Nepal emerged. Ayurveda came in from the mongols too and from you yonten gonpo

Four levels of Tibetan Ayurveda :
lifestyle – diet, exercise, hygiene, meditation.
Detoxification and rejuvenation is massage,hydro therapies, supplementation
Unavoidable interventions- surgery, acupuncture, moxabustion
Spiritual medicine – shamanic practices, when visited by entities can get rid of them. Most invasive

Any medicine that creates a side effect is not a medicine
Why did you get sick in the first place? There is always a story.
First sign of healing is asking for help.


Important things to live by

Important things to live by

I thought this was a well compiled list that is great to reflect on and integrate into our lives. Worth the read:) blessings xoxox


What is our purpose, here now in the present?

What is our role, our creation our movement? 

To what do we wish the ripples of our energy to effect?

What is the purpose of this dream?

What role do we take in this dream?

To wake up from the inside out,

To breathe our souls light.

To be reborn and make a heaven on Earth.

That is what we are waiting for, that is the answer to the troubles of our internal struggle.

The quest of love, of acceptance, of connection and understanding. 

To be loved and to give love. 

That is what we are searching for.

Earthing- Back to the Roots

We are surrounded by Electronic Magnetic Rays; from our cellphones, to computers, to radio, to wifi, to bluetooth. Our body is also an electrical system with the main battery as the heart and we emit frequencies as well. The danger is that we are not aware of all of these external rays that are affecting our bodies and knocking them off balance which is causing illness and disease in the body; from cancer, heart disease, anxiety, depression etc.

We are energetic beings and so all this energy has an effect on us on a mental and emotional level.

To help us energetically we can use Bach flower remedies ( using the vibration of flowers, very powerful), Vitamins, acupuncture, energy healing, meditation, silence, gemstones, grounding, homeopathy and the most essential Earthing.

The Earth has a negative electrical potential and therefore we get  grounded and neutralized when we walk or sit on the Earth. Causing all of our energy that is disarray to become organized again. It also helps to reduce inflammation which is the root cause of many disease ( especially heart disease).  Because of how we live in the modern world we do not get neutralized by the earth often. Rubber soles, wood floors and being indoors keeps us from Mother Earth. The best way to take advantage of her medicine is to walk barefoot, sleep on the ground when possible and avoid any insulators like glass, rubber, synthetic, wood, asphalt and plastic ( in your clothes, footwear, or when laying on the earth) .

I was reflecting on this whole disconnect we have with Mother Earth presently and I thought it was interesting that the cultures with the least amount of disease usually walk around barefoot quite often and are more connected to the Earth through farming practices. They also have low mental illness, if at all, and feel more fulfilled and happy generally than North American/ Western cultures. Whereas, western cultures wear shoes all the time creating a barrier between themselves and the Earth.  It is like the shoes create a wall that is causing us illness on the physical and mental level because we cannot feel our roots, our connection to what sustains and gives us life. As well, it seems the more a culture wears shoes the more distant they are from the earth and the more they take advantage of her and see her as a commodity to be consumed.

So get back into the rhythms of the Earth:) wake up when she wakes up, sleep when she sleeps, feel her when you walk, grow some food by your own hands in her soil. Get to know her, cherish and value her and rebuild your relationship with her. She can heal you, she is waiting right under your feet.

Check out these websites and books to get more information on this.

Great book:    http://www.amazon.com/Earthing-Most-Important-Health-Discovery/dp/1591202833

websites:         http://earthingcanada.ca/



Yoga , Its Not What You Think – Simple things to know to have a better experience


Asanas/ yoga poses are not just physical, the most important aspect is what is happening energetically. Yet, as mainstream culture has now popularized yoga they have taken it on as an exercise that can slim you down and make you flexible; when this is only the side effects of the true practice. The goal is to unblock the flow of prana (energy) and to give stability for the body so that we can have a straight posture without any pain and can do pranyama ( breathing exercises) and meditation without loosing our steadiness.
While poses are one aspect, there are also different meditations in Hatha yoga which allow you to hold prana in different chakras, with the help of banda’s (locks) to control which way the prana goes to. This process leads one to meditation and then the ultimate goal of samadhi, which is union with the highest consciousness, divine consciousness. To have a true experience of yoga is it important to know how the Doshas and the Gunas are affected. These I will explain below.

Yoga helps us to balance the three doshas ( energy our body is made up of, an ayurvedic term I have talked about in earlier posts- pitta, vatta, kapha).
Our mental attitudes can balance or imbalance doshas. Thereby, how we do yoga can effect our doshas. Not only that, but it is reflection of how we treat our body and how we live our lives. If one changes postures too quickly then Vatta will be imbalanced. If you do it in a competitive way then you will cause a pitta imbalance. Kapha gets imbalanced when asanas are too easy without effort and too much relaxation. Therefore, the Practice must be balanced.
Flexibility is not important it is how long you can hold the pose without moving and are relaxed inside and can meditate in the pose. As well as how much the prana is liberated.
It is important to have a balance between effort and relaxation, one should NOT force a pose or try to overextend themselves. Yoga is not about pain, it is about accepting what you can do now and diving into the deepest parts of your inner world. It is about having an inner experience with your true self and recogizing what you really are ( pure spirit). Your body/mind should not control you by its numerous embedded habits, but instead you should be able to control your mind and body.

As our mind is affected by the gunas, so is our practice. When tamas in the mind you find yourself lazy and resistant, Rajas when you are too hyper to calm down, and when there is sattva there is energy and one is able to do things properly

To get out of the state of tamas it is good to start with more dynamic and energizing exercise so it will wake you up. Try sun salutations, Leg raises etc to get the blood moving and your energy flowing. Hold the postures longer to get out of Rajas (Rajas just wants to move). If you have had a good yoga practice you will feel peaceful because your mind is now in sattva (pure state).