The Circle

We live in circles, we cast them and we sit in them. Our lives are a never ending circle of birth and death from our own being to our experiences. We are in need of reconnection with this geometric shape of unity. As woman in pagan traditions we casted the circle as a power force, to channel and to release all that no longer held true to our foundations.
As Halloween is here it is a time to again draw the circle. To invite Spirit into our lives at every moment, to express grief for all those who have passed to the other realms, to articulate and send out our prayers and wishes and most of all to connect. To connect with our sisters and brothers, to form community and a network of support on this earth journey.

Coming together to create a portal of connection and love. To believe in our manifestations and allow them to unfold from above. Truth, abundance and purpose. To free flow and allow the divine knowledge to channel through. To articulate, center and let our reason not dictate the truth of our being. To allow the hearts spoken world reach its destination.. Into another’s soul, let it collide, let it take hold. Let us become more. Let all doubts and fears castrate to the ground floor, to be absorbed by the Earth’s core.

Move in unison, a cosmic dance of creation, burn and flow from remission to our new destination.

Our pure potential, trust in your intuition, souls purpose there is no other reason.
Love, hearts kiss and feel the unity.
I am, so mote it be.
Let it ring true for all to see



The Aquarian Age

Have you been feeling more tired, stressed, anxious and disconnected in the last couple years than ever before? Have you been depressed or sad for no apparent reason? Have you noticed that time is speeding up?

On December 21st, 2012 many expected a major apocalypse with the ending of the Mayan calendar. However, it was not the end of the ages as we know it, it was a beginning of a new era. We left the age of Pisces to the age of AQUARIUS! The Piscean age was dominated by water (Pisces is a water sign). Whoever ruled water, ruled the world. Navy fleets were a major importance for winning wars and the countries that had control over water essentially controlled the world ( British, Romans). Additionally, Jesus the prophet of the Piscean age was a ‘fisher of men’, he also walked on water and turned water into wine. The age of Pisces was an age were teachers were authoritarian, information was protected, God was outside ourselves and needed to be obeyed.

Whereas, now since Dec 21 we have entered the new age of Aquarius which is dominated by ether. Whoever controls the skies will have domination. Which ever nation has control over airwaves, technology networks, internet, satellites will be the most powerful force. In this present age information is widespread, teachers are equal and everyone has their own inner guidance to follow, duality is lessening, time is speeding up and God is recognized as being inside of us a supreme creative force we can access and are.

The shift in ages has resulted in a change of frequency. Whatever does not serve us must be eliminated so that we can rise up and be our best selves. Yet, transformation can be painful if we do not have the necessary tools. Prescription drugs, alcohol, smoking etc are more widespread than ever before and it is due to the need to ‘numb out’, to stop feeling because we are all becoming increasingly sensitive. These substances do not fix the problem, they only cover it and therefore if your feeling out of sorts you have to go to the essence to heal. Our nervous system isn’t equipped to deal with the stresses of this age ( all of the technology, information overload, lifestyle) and thats why we must strengthen our systems. Yoga is excellent for this because it includes breath work and the physical aspect helps to break up energetic blockages. Kundalini yoga specifically focuses on the nervous system to make it stronger and to increase awareness.

The times are changing, with it our bodies and minds as well. It is up to us whether we want to fall to our demise, or rise to our potential.

Know you are never alone and the universe is here to guide and support you on your journey to ascension. We have to open ourselves to this knowledge and it starts by re-establishing that connection to the infinite, then we must do the work to change our body and mind.

Five Sutras for the Aquarian Age – Yogi Bhajan

1) Recognize that the other person is you
2) There is a way through every block
3) When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off
4) Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times
5) Vibrate the cosmos, the cosmos shall clear the path


RE- CONNECT: Passions are actions that the soul craves.

There is always an active and passive phase in life. A time to reap and a time to sow. Everything operates in cycles like the seasons and as winter is steadily creeping upon us I feel it is time to get back to writing! I took a hiatus from writing this summer due to the amount of overload of my schedule. However, I am ready to continue and will be posting about important insights/experiences/exercises that I undergo to share then with all of you (as I am completing the certification process to be a Kundalini yoga teacher).

Carrying on –This summer really taught me the importance of balance and that as much as we ‘go’ we must ‘rest’. When there is constantly stimuli coming externally we are unable to hear our inner voice/ our inner needs. I know for my self I become more influenced and more prone to make poor decisions when I am just getting by energetically. I learned that for me when I stop writing I stop listening. I stop hearing that inner voice as I stop making time to make that connection with that aspect of creation that exists within me.
This experience has shown me that it is fundamentally important to have a time to connect with ourselves in whatever way we do it; whether it be writing, dancing, singing, praying, playing an instrument etc. A way of uniting with that divine creator within us that is waiting for us to let go and become one.

So as I reconnect with this aspect of my self, I ask you, what makes you happiest? When do you feel your best? When are you able to let go and just become your activity?
— If your feeling disconnected, confused, disillusioned, unsatisfied; When was the last time you did something you really loved doing? Have you taken time in solitude to reflect and refuel? Are you living a balanced lifestyle of work and play?

Passions are actions that the soul craves.