Activist movements, protests are all passionately motivated by the intense desire for CHANGE.

Anger, frustration, impatience, unhappiness collect in a strong force to resist that which is oppressing. I have been passionately involved in movements, I used my anger to fuel me to engage in protests and speak about various topics that are affecting our known world. However, this anger, this feeling of injustice did not get me anywhere. Instead it fuelled the opposition and made me upset. I learned that  WHAT WE RESIST, PERSISTS! ( I am in no way saying to stop spreading information about injustice, rather, to direct all of your expansive energy into solutions instead of the issues- which I will discuss below).

What we feed energy, grows. Be it a small child, an animal, a worrying thought, an illness, an idea, OR EVEN THIS BOLDED, CAPITAL TEXTS. IT WORKS BECAUSE MORE ENERGY IS PUT INTO IT, DRAWING YOUR ATTENTION AND FOCUS. I WANT YOU TO SEE IT, SO I MAKE IT LOUD!! BUT IF I KEEP SPEAKING LIKE THIS, IT LOOSES ITS POWER, IT DOESNT STAND OUT ANYMORE, and just seems very obnoxious. This is what happens when we fight something. We get loud, they get louder, then we get louder and its this never ending battle. Ultimately no one ends up where they want to be, they only end up reacting to the opposing force. Both sides get Nowhere, instead of now here. To be NOW HERE, you need to be neutral, calm, centered and immersed in universal truth, not a subjective reality.

When we resist and fight against something, that force will come back in an equal reaction.

This is true in protests, wars, fights, mental thoughts etc.

If you want change, then BE the CHANGE, as Gandhi said.

By demonstrating how you want to live, how you want to be, you are able to create your reality. Instead of enforce it on others.

When you follow your dream  and stop telling everyone else that there’s is wrong, the push back is minimized.


If we want change, then we have to make it in our own lives. Fighting and resisting will only create more  tension.

Awareness is good, spreading information is good. But it is important to do so with a NEUTRAL/ UNBIASED MIND.

Energy needs to be directed in a POSITIVE AND HEALTHY way. Focus on the better alternative, focus on how you want to be, not what you don’t want to be.

If you want to take power ( LIFE)  away from something, DONT FEED IT.

Feeding your passion to the devil, speaking about how bad they are, is causing them to gain power. Politics, corporations, celebrities all feed on publicity. If no one talks about them, then they loose their power. If no one buys their products they loose their power. It is like a plant. Stop giving it sunlight, water, food, it dies…

Same with everything you dont want in your life.



Let your attention always be focused on love, light and peace, and that will surround you.

Sat nam ❤


Mis-(sed) Interpretation of the Eastern Teachings

Yoga, meditation, ayurveda are practices that are thousands of years old. Their roots are from the East, from a very different place and time then where they are being used now. The western world has really taken on these practices in the last 20 years and their popularity is growing. This is great news! There are other alternatives to healing that is more in tune with how our bodies operate and easiler on our physical systems. The world of medicine is expanding!  The knowledge of the East is bringing the West to heights of consciousness it has not yet experienced. However, the cultural placement of these healing methods must be taken into consideration. The east has a very different temperment in how it goes about things and therefore this effects how the medicines can be applied. 

In the west we are head centered, we analyze, rationalize and are very determined in what we do. Yet, the East is easy going and more heart centered, it  is more focused on feeling. 

I am writing this article because I have noticed some yogis have lost the actual point of  the teachings. I myself have been a victim to this,  and yogis can loose themselves in the mental drama of health and wellness ( meditiation, yoga, diet) if we dont realize that we are doing it from the head space, rather than the heart. Instead of feeling whats right, one gets caught up in a mental spin of doing it ‘ perfectly’. Not flowing, but anaylzing every action thats done. When we think too much about what we are doing, we are not healing we are causing stress. Many yogis are wondering if they are doing it right and try too hard. The over achiever and perfectionist mind is activated. Thinking that if they can be sucessful in doing this ‘healing’ the best way they will conquer their mind and body health issues. (This motivated attitude is great, but only when balanced. When this drive takes over your peace of mind, then it is no longer serving its purpose). 

It doesn’t work that way. 

To use these eastern medicines is to do what we can and allow the medicine to work. We cannot force it, we cannot control it. All we can do is use what we have with the best of our knowledge, surrender to it and live life. 

Worrying and stressing about our diets, our yogic practices etc are causing us to live from a place of the mind rather than the heart.  The fact that you are trying to improve your lifestyle is great in itself, there is no point in beating yourself up if its not perfect. Eventually it will be, but guilt will not get you there. 

So have that pizza once in while, break the rules just to let go a bit… 

Yoga and meditation are meant to help you live a better life, not to imprison you.  

Get out of your head and live the principles yoga teaches, its in the heart! Dont let your mind fool you….

Sing, dance, listen to funny stories, get back in your body and smile. 

Ready to POP- High Stress? Solution.

Many times we do not realize how and why we are unhappy. We are running from ourselves to avoid pain either through craving or aversion. We are trying to constantly become, instead of be. It is the present moment, when we merge with what we are doing that we free ourselves from stress and anxiety. Why learning how nature works, the Ocean etc we can know how to act. By riding out the good and bad times and being in our centre through it, we come to enlightenment.

What do you do? What are you going to be?

Achieve, Achieve, Achieve

Chase after success, success, success…

Until your adrenals are maxed out and you don’t know if you are coming or going,

Sending text messages, responding from this device to that device,

Getting headaches, forgetting appointments, forgetting your even breathing…


Why are we pushing ourselves to the point of exhaustion? Why are we forcing ourselves to try so hard? Why are we always living in the future?

As though we are not already enough…

9dc6839edd264b04f21a8a458cad4ba5ENERGY FOLLOWS THE LEAST PATH OF RESISTANCE, it is a universal law.. then why are we creating resistance within ourselves, making life in general more difficult because we are trying, rather than allowing, surrendering, and flowing.

The best surfers and dancers feel the rhythm, the pulsation of the wave, they move with it, merge with it and be it. They don’t BECOME anything, they are it..

So perhaps, we need to STOP, breathe, and take a moment. Be with the moment instead of forcing our will upon it.

All that tension in our muscles is us not being cool with whats happening. Let it go, stop holding on so tightly, use that breath to soften you, to cleanse you. 

Inhale deeply into the abdomen, exhale…. Inhale, go to the area of tension, exhale…. REPEAT. 

All stress and anxiety is a pressure on the self, whereas, when you are sincerely passionate and doing it out of love you are free in the activity, you are the activity.

Success follows passion. Whereas, stressing yourself out will end you up in a grave, hospital, mamas arms..

So…? Surf that wave, keep practicing, every time you fall down, get back up. Learn to flow with the waves.. Eventually you will get to where you want to be, but it will happen on the Oceans time. The Ocean decides… All you can do is get really good at surfing. 6dd5485b85794d5b83d746dba0942eb9