Nature is the Dreamscape

It was a flurry of a snowstorm.

Most people wouldn’t go out in that kind of weather, but I enjoy extremes, they always bring me insights.

I walked through the snow, creating fresh tracks. The satisfaction of being the first to walk the path, to create the trail. The wind was blowing the white specks of mother natures frozen perspiration- one by one they would land on my cheek and instantly melt and flow down my face.

Everything was white, except my cheeks which were rosy from the cold- and my 1980’s neon coloured ski jacket that had been handed down from my mom.

The trail, the trees, the sky, the fields, all matte in white. The birch trees looked so magical with their white bark and the white snow layered on top. It was all so dreamy.

In shamanism, we travel to the upper, lower and the parallel middle world. Everything is different there except one thing. Nature is the constant. No matter what world I have travelled to, nature is always there. For the first recognizable time, I saw the dream within the dream. I felt myself in my journey. Powerful.

I am the dreamer and I am the dream. I am the dreamer that dreamed the dream.

Nature gives us the unique ability to access differently levels of consciousness in this dimension. The dreamscape is accessible through nature. I believe that is why human beings love being in nature, it reawakens that magic within us, the mysterious is alive in nature. Even if we live in big cities and forget about the sacredness of nature or don’t have a strong relationship developed with nature, we still feel it when we go into a forest, walk along the ocean or dive into a lake.

The other world is right there, waiting for us to awaken to it.

The next time you have the chance to walk in nature, put your phone away. Embrace the silence and see the wonder unfolding before you. Maybe, just maybe she will open herself to you and you will see into the other world, into the dream that you are dreaming.

Maybe just maybe, you will see the magic that is right there with you.


Magic – The Real Power Behind Intention

Magic? What is it exactly? Hollywood and many authors have shown it as something witches and wizards possess. They use it to their advantage against innocent victims. It’s been presented in a very dark and twisted way. But it’s not like that at all!

Magic is mystical but it is positive and there are rules that come with using magic. What would we say magic is? I believe magic is a creation of desired events that appear miraculously because it transcends time and space in how it presents itself.


How we do we get magic in our lives?

It comes through using the mind as a focused and precise channel for creation. 

Anyone is capable of making magic!

It is using your mind in a clear and focused way, channeling your intention in whatever you are doing and seeing (visualizing) your desired goal. Human beings were made in the image of God (as many monotheistic traditions say), that means we have the same capacity to create. However, our minds are full of thoughts. We create many things we don’t want because our thoughts are messy. We think about the problems we have, we focus on the drama or our dog ripping apart our sofa.When those thoughts get cleared with techniques like meditation and yoga then we begin to be able to focus on our thoughts in a constructive manner.

You are what you think and your dreams are directly correlated with how your life looks like. You can tell the limit of people’s thoughts by how their life is. If you believe something is impossible, it becomes impossible. The matrix is real and it is here and now, but it’s not in the way you think. It’s in your mind, not outside of you.  Your ability to control your thoughts directly impacts the environment around you.

A human being is a creator and they all possess the ability to manifest magic. 

It is believing that you have this ability, it is a belief in your ability to create, that allows this gift to blossom.

Magic is here and now and it’s only desire is for you to awaken and use it. You are powerful, you create everything around you both good and bad. What will you choose?

 Laws of Magic:

  • Do no harm.
  • Whatever you do will come back to you 3x times, either good or bad. So focus on the good
  • Make sure that you are not intending to interfere in anyone’s life or take away their free will
  • Be clear- affirm your intention strongly. If you don’t take it seriously, how can the universe?
  • visualize your intention as being a success, feel it, smell it, taste it. Engage all of your senses
  • Have fun 🙂





The Best Teacher is YOU

“By choosing to see things as a teacher I respond with respect.”

Everything is a teacher. From the speck of sand, to the vines growing on a delapitated building, to your worst enemy.
Nothing escapes the realm of experience and from experience comes wisdom.
I can choose to perceive something as a challenge or I can see it as a threat. It all comes from the perspective I am living in.

By choosing to see things as a teacher I respond with respect.
No longer judging, criticizing, rather, accepting and moving forward with appropriate action.
Despair arises in life when we question ‘Why is this happening to me?”.
My response ” Why not?”.
You are being given a perfect opportunity to have a victory. To rise above your advisories and learn something new.
If you knew everything, nothing would happen to you, because you would know.

The Earth is a playground of education. It is where we come to settle our accounts and learn from past mistakes so they are not repeated again.

If you have patterns, your not learning. You are repeating.
Change your response, change your life.
It really is that simple. If you want to get out of the same repetitive cycles, than act different and you will have a different response.
We are so used to responding in the same manner we don’t even realize we are doing it.
Try responding with love and kindness and see how an open heart is the best defense..

Become devoted to learning, make your prayer to elevate yourself under all circumstances.
Become that which you wish to see in the world as Gandhi would say.
Be a student of yourself, and life itself.


© 2016, Thalita Forray  – All Rights Reserved


Adventures in Bolivia: Mysterious Cultures


Passing the border from Peru to Bolivia seemed like  a time warp; that nothing had really changed in the last hundred years and that things still proceeded as they always had. It finally sunk in that I was thousands of miles away from home and in a totally different part of the world. A part that was timeless and still was connected to the traditional ways of living.

I travelled from the border of Peru  to Tiwanaku and what I found there was more than I bargained for. The drive was beautiful, scenic but mostly for how the people lived. Still immersed in agriculture and traditional dress. They practiced the same methods of growing food and the housing was simplistic and minimal.

After a couple hours we arrived in Tiwanaku, the ancient city, with a very peculiar culture. Tiwanaku  was surrounded by a  dry landscape, circled around with mountains and clear blue skies. It was dry and almost desert like. Yet, it is said that it once was covered by a large body of water.

DSC02281Large perfectly cut stones resting all over, sporadically placed. The archaeologists have only unearthed about 20% of the site.


One can only imagine what treasures are still waiting to be found. From alien carved faces, large portal doors and magnificent stone work. I was amazed, I felt I was standing in an ancient city that had been covered in a sand storm. The stone work was the most detailed I have ever seen and the energy was like a completely different time. As well, the steps were so large, that they had to build stairs beside them so we could walk up. So apparently these ancient people were very tall!!!

There were also rooms for meditation.DSC02263 The religion they practised worshipped the feminine as well as the masculine because there were Patchamama statues and sun gate temples.100_1770It was fascinating and one could spend hours marvelling at the ancient clues that were scattered all over the area.

Puma Punko was another site that was fascinating. How they had cut the stones so precisely, modern science still cannot explain. Even just trying thinking of what the site was used for and why they needed these stones allows the imagination to run wild.

Leaving Tiwanako and Puma Punko I felt I had witnessed a part of our human history that has long been forgotten. Yet, the day was not complete as we still had one more major site to explore. On the way back,  we crossed the border effortlessly and made our way to a site near Puno called  Amara Muru. It was mystical and I have never felt so much energy at any other place. The site is pre-pre Inca, they do not know who built it and it feels like a portal into another world. The energy is like static and I felt like the material world would dissipate in front of me.


It was a great experience and one I will have to reflect on to fully understand everything I saw and felt. I recommend if you are interested in doing this to book with a tour guide for they can tell you things you wouldn’t have been able to gather from just going alone. Also, it makes it a lot easier at the border crossing because it can be confusing.

It was a great experience, and I will definitely travel to Bolivia for a longer amount of time in the future!  So many adventures and discoveries to be had.