Invoking the Divine Feminine

Sat nam Beauties, I had a request from many people after my women's workshop to post the invocation I did as we called down Mother Earth and the energies of the Divine Feminine. This invocation can be used a prayer, a meditation, and/or  you can do a daily  spiritual practice to bring the Divine Feminine … Continue reading Invoking the Divine Feminine


Activist movements, protests are all passionately motivated by the intense desire for CHANGE. Anger, frustration, impatience, unhappiness collect in a strong force to resist that which is oppressing. I have been passionately involved in movements, I used my anger to fuel me to engage in protests and speak about various topics that are affecting our known … Continue reading YOU WANT CHANGE!?!? BE IT.

Reality Check- Environmental issues

Your treacherous tears, how they flow from your eyes Never stopping, full of compromise And we wonder why? Hoping the fears will clear and perhaps we will see All of the beauty, all of the creativity that rests in every mineral of the sea Every particle and every molecule. But all in all, Our eyes and … Continue reading Reality Check- Environmental issues