Energies of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Gods: Shiva: - God of yogis - self controller - celibate while at the same time lover of his spouse shakti. - Destroyer of the world. Helps to shed old habits and attachments. Hanuman: - monkey god - stands for courage, power, faithful and very devoted and loyal Vishnu: - preserver and protector of creation … Continue reading Energies of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

What Element is Present in You?

Our body is a karmic vehicle that operates on different gears. These gears are the elements and when there is an imbalance we too are off balance. It may result in stress, dysfunctional relationships, illness etc. Knowing which elements are dominate in your personality and in others can help you with interactions and knowing how … Continue reading What Element is Present in You?

Musical Thoughts

Music has immense power that can transform emotions, unite humanity and is found in every culture around the world. Music allows us to tap into alternate states of consciousness and to express emotions through the sense of hearing. Music penetrates into our hearts and it can break down barriers internally and externally. Music is the … Continue reading Musical Thoughts

Open up your wings dear child and soar, your life is waiting to begin. Let the fears of falling never stop you and take the leap Your birthright is divine in itself. You are the manifestation of light in form. Fly, dear one. You were born to fly. By: Thalita angelika Forray