Falling Into The Trap Of Being “Good”

We grow up being told to be the "good girl", "the good boy" and when we aren't "good" in the eyes of authority we are punished in some way - either through shame, avoidance, anger or some form of discipline whether it is physical or emotional. It is programmed into us at the very beginning: … Continue reading Falling Into The Trap Of Being “Good”

When You Don’t Feel Love on V-Day

I wrote a post all about celebrating love for valentines day but then it hit me - what do you do when your not feeling the love? There can be a lot of pressure to perform on V-day. To get the chocolates, get the gifts, get sexy or whatever it may be. I have always … Continue reading When You Don’t Feel Love on V-Day

Life Hack – The Middle Way

Could it be that Goldilocks was a genius? The children's tale has some serious clout and when applied to the adult life it is a strong argument. Thousands of years before Goldilocks, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) was teaching the middle way. The way of moderation, of the way of in-between extremes. I believe his teachings are … Continue reading Life Hack – The Middle Way