Rise In Love- My Book

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It’s called:

“Rise In Love: From Separation to Completion” by Thalita Angelika Forray

Its about love, relationships and happiness and how to get the most out of your life.


Love, it is something we all feel, all want and search for. Yet, how come so many of our relationships fail? Why is divorce more common than successful marriages? It is because we ‘fall in love’ rather than ‘rise in love’. To ‘Rise in Love’ means to align with the highest truth; it means to become one rather than two separate parts working together. The deepest root cause of this separation is a division from the true self and a lack of self-love. Through this book we will go on a journey to awaken our soul, to find our happiness and to enter into a healthy relationship with our own being, so that we can make our relationships successes rather than failures. There are many meditations, techniques, ceremonies and inner reflections in this book to allow you to go deeper into your own heart, to unveil that which has been blocking you from living the life you were born to live. We were not born to suffer, we were born to ascend to our highest self and to create a life that is full of love, and through this book we will go on that journey.