Thalita Angelika is an Ayurvedic Therapist, 500+ hour yoga teacher, herbal educator/ herbal medicine maker and a shamanic practitioner. She lives in and works with nature. In a world that is so out of touch with its wild essence she helps people to come back home to themselves through natural remedies, lifestyle changes and artistic practices.

“We are already healthy and vibrant within, we just need to let go of what is preventing us from being at ease. We must let go of the dis- ease. All of us must be connected and at peace – our mind, body and soul.”

Reconnecting to our natural rhythm, unleashing our wild authenticity and finding coherence in body, mind and spirit.

Natural health consultation

My Consultations take around 1 1/2 hours. During that time we discuss what concerns you have, where you would like to improve and what changes can be made that are both fun and effective. It is very important that you are on board with the recommendations because it is through action and commitment to your health that change happens.  I take a holistic approach, focusing on body, mind and spirit. As human beings we are complex and it is important to take in the whole picture to know what is really going on beneath the surface. I will ask for a food and lifestyle diary to know what a typical day looks like for you. I integrate Ayurvedic practices, herbalism, yoga, qigong, crystal therapy, shamanic approaches in my consultations. Depending on what the client is comfortable with and what I feel would help them the most effectively. I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat. However, I do believe that working with me will be a beneficial experience where you will come into a closer relationship with the healing power of nature and find your natural rhythm once again.

Shamanic coaching

Sometimes we may lose our way, feel confused or want answers to some of the deeper questions of life. Perhaps we have gone through something and haven’t felt the same since. Shamanic coaching can be that gateway to healing. Shamanism has helped me for many years now and I love sharing its medicine. During a coaching session we work on whatever issues have been coming up for you that you have not been able to find peace about. It can be anything from inner conflict or a conflict with another person, it can be about wanting to let something go or to bring something in. Wanting to have a deeper connection with oneself or with Spirit/ God/Goddess/Universe. We can delve into dream work or meet your personal totem of helping animals and spirit guides. The possibilities are endless and the sessions are effective and fulfilling. 

eft sessions

Emotional Freedom Technique uses a combination of acupressure points and gentle tapping with the fingers to release stored emotions, memories and traumas in the body. It works effectively for PTSD, stress, anxiety, fear, reoccurring thoughts, worries, blocks, limiting beliefs etc. During a session we work on the issue that is coming up for you and clear it together. I teach you the method so that you can do it on your own when I am not with you. Together we create a safe space where you are able to go deeper than just on your own and clear and release what is holding you back from being your happiest and truest self. 

I’ve received the panchakarma treatment with Thalita, and she is an amazingly talented person to work with. She is well versed in many different physical and spiritual healing techniques. She takes a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to health, and supports treatments with synergistic applications such as crystals, herbs and aromatherapy, energy healing, meditations, and diet advice. She has a plethora of knowledge, experiences and resources that she draws on to make a custom-tailored treatment for each individual, and she does her work with friendliness and efficiency. She’s a truly gifted healer with invaluable insight and intuition. I highly recommend seeing her!

Stephanie – Canada

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