Ready to POP- High Stress? Solution.

Many times we do not realize how and why we are unhappy. We are running from ourselves to avoid pain either through craving or aversion. We are trying to constantly become, instead of be. It is the present moment, when we merge with what we are doing that we free ourselves from stress and anxiety. Why learning how nature works, the Ocean etc we can know how to act. By riding out the good and bad times and being in our centre through it, we come to enlightenment.

Burning Man… 10 Burning Self Lessons

It amazes me the creativity of the human spirit and what can be made when there are no limitations. I witnessed this at Burning Man and the lessons I learned in the Nevada desert were deeper than I initially recognized. I expected it to be a party, a celebration of people coming together to express … Continue reading Burning Man… 10 Burning Self Lessons

Ayurvedic Solutions for Beautiful Skin

As our bodies are unique and have individual characteristics, so does our skin. Our skin is affected by the type of Dosha we have and the combination of the elements within our bodies. I have listed the Doshas below and if you do not know your Dosha you can do an online quiz or read … Continue reading Ayurvedic Solutions for Beautiful Skin

Awakening the Goddess Within You

This is an article I wrote for a women's art collective I am apart of called 'Project Girl'. The article has to do with a lecture conducted at an ashram where I am currently living. Please read if you are interested in the divine feminine. There are also many other articles I have written about … Continue reading Awakening the Goddess Within You