Spring Equinox Health Tips

The flowers are blooming, the earth is moist and the air has a fresh scent that inspires you to create. But to create, we first have to create space and to do that we need to let go of what is old and outdated- what we wish to release once and for all. We want … Continue reading Spring Equinox Health Tips


I wanted to share this beautiful prayer I found that can be said before we eat. I know its common in many traditions to say 'grace' before meals or give thanks before we eat, however how many of us actually do ( with full presence and awareness) this practice? I have found that when I … Continue reading Gratitude

Ayurveda ‘ Food is Medicine’

I am presently doing karma yoga at an ashram in the Bahamas for the next 3 months. There are lectures and I will be posting some interesting information I learn on this blog. This post will be in reference to an Ayurvedic lecture given by Ishwari. Ayurveda is a life model for health. It focuses … Continue reading Ayurveda ‘ Food is Medicine’