Ready to POP- High Stress? Solution.

Many times we do not realize how and why we are unhappy. We are running from ourselves to avoid pain either through craving or aversion. We are trying to constantly become, instead of be. It is the present moment, when we merge with what we are doing that we free ourselves from stress and anxiety. Why learning how nature works, the Ocean etc we can know how to act. By riding out the good and bad times and being in our centre through it, we come to enlightenment.

Use or lose? Is there hope for the future?

Earth day, it comes to pass every year and with it hundreds of organizations and independents go out to clean up the mess of ignorance. I took out my own garbage bag like many years previous to clean up the nearby country road that I and many other citizens of this city district use. My … Continue reading Use or lose? Is there hope for the future?