We all have an Impactful Destiny

Something that is common amongst humans is that we feel we are here for something. Our life has purpose, we know deep down we aren't here to just flip burgers and waltz our thumbs on our screen. Our life has meaning. We have a destiny. But many of us say 'I don't know what it … Continue reading We all have an Impactful Destiny

Earthing- Back to the Roots

We are surrounded by Electronic Magnetic Rays; from our cellphones, to computers, to radio, to wifi, to bluetooth. Our body is also an electrical system with the main battery as the heart and we emit frequencies as well. The danger is that we are not aware of all of these external rays that are affecting … Continue reading Earthing- Back to the Roots


Open up your wings dear child and soar, your life is waiting to begin. Let the fears of falling never stop you and take the leap Your birthright is divine in itself. You are the manifestation of light in form. Fly, dear one. You were born to fly. By: Thalita angelika Forray