A Lion in Sheep’s Clothing

What is a man but this deeds and actions?  These past two weeks have been a troubling time for myself and many other Kundalini Yogi’s. The creator and teacher of Kundalini Yoga has been accused by multiple women as an abuser, rapist and manipulator. It is hard to digest and also confusing at the same … Continue reading A Lion in Sheep’s Clothing

Infinite Pulse

Infinite Pulse Infinite Pulse, which beats within me Deep resounding melody Beating, The rhythm of Mother Earths drum. Pounds. Reminding me of the home of my soul. Inside, I find the purity, the stillness where truth resides. I merge with the pulse and from the finite, I become the infinite. I am the Universe in … Continue reading Infinite Pulse

RE- CONNECT: Passions are actions that the soul craves.

There is always an active and passive phase in life. A time to reap and a time to sow. Everything operates in cycles like the seasons and as winter is steadily creeping upon us I feel it is time to get back to writing! I took a hiatus from writing this summer due to the … Continue reading RE- CONNECT: Passions are actions that the soul craves.