Tibetan Ayurveda: The Medicine of the Buddha

Consciousness and your constitution Desire dissolves the ego. Desire is a product of the ego, it drives it. The ego is always desiring and so by turning it's attention to god and through desire it is destroyed. To return to wholeness is true health. Without being in your true nature there is already a wound … Continue reading Tibetan Ayurveda: The Medicine of the Buddha

Ayurveda ‘ Food is Medicine’

I am presently doing karma yoga at an ashram in the Bahamas for the next 3 months. There are lectures and I will be posting some interesting information I learn on this blog. This post will be in reference to an Ayurvedic lecture given by Ishwari. Ayurveda is a life model for health. It focuses … Continue reading Ayurveda ‘ Food is Medicine’