Here is a poem I am feeling called to share.

I wrote it for a friend of mine, they have become an uncle and are welcoming a small baby girl into this huge world.

Welcome to Earth young Angel.


The world awaits,

With plenty of adventures

With smiles and lessons

Oh how wise you’ll be,

What amazing things you’ll do.

And beautiful things you’ll create.

The world awaits

For your shining light.

Your gift, that only you can give

There will be times of sorrow,

But they are only there to guide you on your way.

Keep your head up and your heart open.

The world awaits.

For you are Perfection

May the angels surround you and bless you with kisses

May you be protected and guided by your best wishes.

May you never forget,

Heaven is where you are from

The world awaits,

for an angel has come.

Thalita Angelika


Reality Check- Environmental issues

Your treacherous tears, how they flow from your eyes
Never stopping, full of compromise
And we wonder why?
Hoping the fears will clear and perhaps we will see
All of the beauty, all of the creativity that rests in every mineral of the sea
Every particle and every molecule.
But all in all,
Our eyes and ears closed,
because we forgot the connection to our souls.
As Mother Earth cries for the dear departed lives.
Counting only human numbers, all others pass by.
Unnoticed, unaffected, yet millions end up devastated.
The howl of the wolves grows quiet, as the forests become parking lots.
The damage is not noted, it is the profit that gets credit.
Your lakes poisoned
Your trunks cut
Your lungs disappear piece by piece
And yet we complain of cancer cells,
Is the human race not insane in doing the same?
An endless consumption, a bottomless stomach,
a rat race with no end.
The greed keeps on feeding till there is nothing to call thine.
Entitlement of a generation lost to 9-5.
Who are we to say this is mine,
We have no rights to whine.
Our eyes bleed with desire,
Our naked bodies craves branding,
Our minds diseased in wanting,
And yet we complain.
Wish we could have it all the same
But its not the people who are to blame
Corporations and governments are the ones to shame
Their greed has infected the sane…
By: Thalita Angelika Forray

Ah Ha Moments: The Fire of Wisdom

You know those times when a light bulb goes off and you finally get it. Feels great right?

Well those are the moments that we learn, our mind literally lights up. An electric impulse is send from one neuron to another; yet this time a new connection is made, a new path is formed and we understand things from a completely different angle. A chemical change occurs, a new wiring in the brain and we come to really ‘know’ something.  

Many times we say we ‘know’, but all that is really happening is that we intellectually understand the concept trying to be conveyed. Yet, ‘real knowing’, or what we call wisdom is gained through experience. It is when we have felt the feelings, went through the process and can explain from a deeper part than our mind. It is as though the knowledge has sunk a little deeper and is now a hearts truth, rather than a mental concept. c85dac670af71f8c58eff72fb48a475e

Wisdom is experienced through our senses. We ‘know’ when something is hot when we touch it and we know the effect of it. The connection of heat and that object is ingrained in our mind. Whereas, someone can tell us something is hot for days, we will be able to describe it and reflect back what they have told us, but we won’t necessarily know. It will be coming from a shallow place.

This may be why enlightenment and spiritual truths don’t always make sense. If we aren’t at that capacity yet or haven’t had the experience then we won’t know what they are talking about. It is why we can read a book many times and each time get more meaning out of it. As we open our mind and experience more, we hear different things. But it is through experiencing spiritual truths that we understand them and integrate them into our life.

We can talk, we can write, but if we don’t experience it than it is empty. It is just sitting in the mind. The fire of wisdom is waiting but action is what will spark it. 

Experience, live it and know it.

Tibetan Ayurveda: The Medicine of the Buddha


Consciousness and your constitution

Desire dissolves the ego. Desire is a product of the ego, it drives it. The ego is always desiring and so by turning it’s attention to god and through desire it is destroyed. To return to wholeness is true health. Without being in your true nature there is already a wound and you feel separate. We Indulge in things of the senses to feel wholeness again. Yoga is the spiritual side and teaches us to feel oneness and Ayurveda is the healing side.

Characteristics of the Doshas in people

– bubbly, creative, chatty, light hearted, talk fast.
Out of balance- anxious, nervous, impulsive, lack follow through. Good at being innovators, idea generators

Pitta- focused, directed, logical, speak clearly. Out of balance. Angry, critical, judgemental, prone to burnout. Good for leaders

Kapha– contemplative, calm, relaxed, move and talk slow. Out of balance stubborn and melancholy. Good for being supporters

State of consciousness will determine if you live your life in or out of balance.

Sattva is clarity, purity, selfless persuits
Rajas is action, distraction, selfish pursuits
Tamas is ignorance, inertia, harmful pursuits

Vatta, pitta, kapha, Rajas and tamas all cause diease only sattva doesn’t

Tibetan Ayurveda

bhaisajyguru (sanskrit) and sangye menla ( tibetan)

Invoke the medicine Buddha so that we awaken that which can heal us within: Tay yah tah Om bah Kahn beh Kahn dzen maha beh Kahn dzen rah dzah Sah mood gah Tay so hah
Power of the mantra is in the sound that the Sanskrit works through your mind. Accessing something within the self with the mantra.

Om mani pad me hum

Why do we suffer? The origins of all suffering and disease is ignorance, attachment and aggression.
There are spiritual poisons, they are veiled expression of our true potential. We can understand our potentials by purifying. When we understand our body we become a rainbow body and have unlimited mind with joy and spontaneity. We are able to do things that deftly normal laws of reality.

There are absolute dharma which is contemplations, prayers, visualizations, mantras and relative activities that support the spiritual practices.
Relative dharmas are astrology, geomancy, arts, linguistics, medicine.

Medicine is understanding we are not separate from nature. Understanding the five elements and how they help support us in the environment.
The awakening of the medicine Buddha was magnetizing and all the enlightened beings from other realms came as they were called, like brahma etc.
ayurveda got transmitted from the Buddhas family the shakya muni Buddha tribe and from Nepal emerged. Ayurveda came in from the mongols too and from you yonten gonpo

Four levels of Tibetan Ayurveda :
lifestyle – diet, exercise, hygiene, meditation.
Detoxification and rejuvenation is massage,hydro therapies, supplementation
Unavoidable interventions- surgery, acupuncture, moxabustion
Spiritual medicine – shamanic practices, when visited by entities can get rid of them. Most invasive

Any medicine that creates a side effect is not a medicine
Why did you get sick in the first place? There is always a story.
First sign of healing is asking for help.

Imprint of the Heart



The people that make you feel alive will never be forgotten.

It’s not the things people say, its not the actions they do, its the feelings they make you feel through those mediums. Someone that can make your heart smile, open your eyes to wisdom and inspire you will leave a lasting impression. For being a friend of the mind is fleeting, but being a friend of the heart lasts a lifetime.
People come and go in our lives; some leave more quickly than others but its not the amount of time we spend with them, its the joy, the happiness, the freedom, the inspiration that makes instant friendships that are not bounded by time. For when one lives from the heart, time is of no matter. All of the connections I have felt through love, bliss, happiness, laughter etc I will carry with me for the rest of my life because they made me feel alive.

Think of the people you cherish in your life, and what feelings do they provoke in you? Think of a person that you dont have the best relations with and the feelings they stir within you. Now choose, how do you want to be remembered?
You have the ability to make people feel and this is powerful beyond measure. Lets make this world better by being mindful of the imprints we leave on others and consciously choose to bring the best out in each other.

Leave an imprint on the heart instead of a warning label in the mind.