Nature is the Dreamscape

It was a flurry of a snowstorm. Most people wouldn't go out in that kind of weather, but I enjoy extremes, they always bring me insights. I walked through the snow, creating fresh tracks. The satisfaction of being the first to walk the path, to create the trail. The wind was blowing the white specks … Continue reading Nature is the Dreamscape

Magic – The Real Power Behind Intention

Magic? What is it exactly? Hollywood and many authors have shown it as something witches and wizards possess. They use it to their advantage against innocent victims. It's been presented in a very dark and twisted way. But it's not like that at all! Magic is mystical but it is positive and there are rules … Continue reading Magic – The Real Power Behind Intention

Reality Check- Environmental issues

Your treacherous tears, how they flow from your eyes Never stopping, full of┬ácompromise And we wonder why? Hoping the fears will clear and perhaps we will see All of the beauty, all of the creativity that rests in every mineral of the sea Every particle and every molecule. But all in all, Our eyes and … Continue reading Reality Check- Environmental issues