“I’ve received the panchakarma treatment with Thalita, and she is an amazingly talented person to work with. She is well versed in many different physical and spiritual healing techniques. She takes a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to health, and supports treatments with synergistic applications such as crystals, herbs and aromatherapy, energy healing, meditations, and diet advice. She has a plethora of knowledge, experiences and resources that she draws on to make a custom-tailored treatment for each individual, and she does her work with friendliness and efficiency. She’s a truly gifted healer with invaluable insight and intuition. I highly recommend seeing her!”
– Steph L, White Rock, Canada

Thalita has a sharp intuition for what’s going on – on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Her observations always pointed me in the right direction for healing and she brought many many new awarenesses to light for me which helped me to create powerful transformations in my health and happiness. Her incredible knowledge across many different healing modalities is beyond her years and she has an impressive toolkit of answers for those seeking a way to help themselves. She’s a real gem and a total pleasure to work with.
– Sarah M, New York, USA

‘Thalita is such a powerful and deeply skilled coach. She’s compassionate and fierce at the same time which has allowed me to really go after the healing I want while being held with love and support. She’s knowledgeable and had a strong intuition about what’s really needed. I would highly recommend spending time with this powerful woman. It’s been life changing. ‘
– Sarah P, Vancouver, Canada


Author: Thalita Angelika

Thalita is an artist that creates beauty through her connection with nature. Her knowledge comes from studying Ayurveda in India, Herbology in the wild mountains of the West Coast and Shamanism in Peru and Canada. She has also attended many meditation retreats around the world. Thalita loves to write and it is one of her passions. She shares knowledge on her website as well as writing for other various sources. She is the author or 'Rise in Love: From Separation to Connection', that is available on Amazon. Thalita is a Wholistic Health Consultant (Ayurvedic Practioner + Herbalist) that addresses both the body, mind and spirit. She provides clients with a balanced approach that addresses the body as ONE harmonious unit. She loves the outdoors and letting her curiosity lead her to mystical and amazing places both within and out. Wild harvesting is an adventurous pleasure and she enjoys creating healthy plant-based foods and that are nourishing to the body and soul.